Synthetic or Man Made Diamonds

Whether you call them synthetic, artificial, cultivated, cultured, laboratory grown, or laboratory created, synthetic diamonds are made by man using science and not mined from the earth. They are produced in an artificial process, as opposed to natural diamonds from the mines, which are created by geological processes.

Ever since 1879, claims of artificially made diamonds have been made. Although these claims were carefully analyzed, none had been confirmed. In the 1950’s, the General Electric Company made the first commercial man made diamonds. They were called industrial diamonds and used in making tooling devices and cutting equipment. A Synthetic diamond is made by a number of processes. These processes include HPHT (high pressure high temperature) diamonds and CVD ( chemical vapor deposition) diamonds.

Jewelry grade synthetic diamonds came to the markets in the 1990’s and now are becoming more and more prevalent in the industry as time passes. These diamonds, regardless of what they are called, are real diamonds. They are chemically the same as mined stones. Jewelers are generally required to disclose the source of these gems as being created by man.