Precious Gemstones

Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds are precious gems or gemstones of a precious nature mainly refers to rarity and beauty of stones found around the world. Natural precious gemstones have been being dug out of the earth or found in nature then used in jewelry designs for centuries. Unlike semi precious gems they have a greater intrinsic value and are sold by the carat of fraction of a carat. There are 5 carats to one gram (a 5:1 ratio) of precious gemstone. This means that the 6ct blue sapphire pictured here only weighs 1.1grams. So the high value that is placed on precious gems is made in very small measurements. Of course the most recognized precious gem is the diamond and here is where most peoples knowledge ends. We can show you about the all important 4 C’s of gemstones.