Jewelry Designing

Jewelry designing got started in ancient times when strings and hides were combined with stones bones antlers and even teeth were made into necklaces as a means of showing accomplishments in providing food and individuality. Eventually jewelry designs gave status and power to individuals.

Crown jewelry collections from the past are renowned around the world. No special training is mandatory to design quality jewelry, however training is available in numerous platforms, jewelry designing books, online jewelry training, jewelry designing software and jewelry schools. To begin just get a sketch pad, or some clay or jewelers wax. The development of the lost wax casting process, centrifugal, vacuum casting, as well as hand fabrication in the use of precious metals like silver and gold and exotic metals like platinum or palladium. If you have designs in mind put them down on paper or even in an electronic art form.

We can help with everything you’re going to need except the design itself. That must come from the heart of anyone who has the dream of designing. Most folks who design regularly don’t have the level of resources we offer for free; your input for new resources is most welcome.We are looking for regular and varied articles written by designers, bench jewelers, and production services. We are seeking well written articles on issues related to the process of getting a jewelry design from the sketch pad to the finished fine jewelry piece.

A great way to getting cross link exchanges between jewelry sites as well. So come on you established jewelry designers and would be jewelry designers join us help us grow and help others learn a noble trade. Send in content will we post it with full credits and responding links.