Is it expensive to make my own jewelry


Making your own jewelry can be a cost effective way to give that special someone a one of a kind gift that saves you money. Anyone can make jewelry as long as they have some basic skills and imagination. Buying precious metals and gemstones by themselves is cheaper than purchasing a finished product. Every piece of jewelry in a retail store brings a manufacturing cost with it, whether it is paying one designer or a company that produces volume jewelry. The short answer is making your own jewelry can save money. The longer answer is that it can be more expensive than just going into a store and buying that perfect gift.

Hidden Costs of Making Your Own Jewelry The three elements to the cost of a piece of jewelry are the cost of the metals and gems used, cost of the equipment needed, and labor costs. First, the cost of the gems and metals can be higher for a small purchase than for a bulk buyer or large jewelry maker. Making one piece of jewelry means you will pay a higher price for the raw materials. Making a few pieces still means a higher cost of the materials verses a larger business. Equipment cost is minimal for the small designer as tools for making jewelry can be purchased at a minimal cost.


Of course, the small business person or just the home designer will not have the expensive automated equipment that can churn out a high volume of product. Using hand tools makes each piece, a small designer makes, unique. Many people buying jewelry look for something that is “one of a kind” and will gladly pay more for the purchase. Labor cost is the one part of the equation most people underestimate. Your time has value. The value of your time is something you alone can determine. Large operations can churn out high quantities of product daily so labor cost is low. A single designer, using hand tools, can only make a fixed number of items in a day. His labor cost per item will be higher. Even the home designer needs to figure the amount of time spent designing an item to get an accurate value for his product. As anyone can see, costs of making your own jewelry depends on several factors. Value is determined by the market. Value of self made jewelry is determined by the way a person cherishes the gift you have given them. A person can make their own jewelry and save money.