Atlanta police, Crime Stoppers seek man in $16K jewelry theft

Atlanta police, Crime Stoppers seek man in $16K jewelry theft Jewelry safety is always an issue I make it a point to point out these incidents to remind everyone there are always those who would take advantage of people in the jewelry industry. Please pass this issue on to your circle of contacts. Jewelry designers and jewelers are always a target for thieves and scammers. Vigilance and constant reminders help keep this threat in check. Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 Atlanta police and Crime Stoppers on Tuesday asked for the public’s help identifying a man who allegedly stole more than $16,000 worth of jewelry during the Scott Antique Market show at […]

NY jewelry store’s diamonds weren’t stolen

NY jewelry store’s diamonds weren’t stolen In a weird twist the suspected stolen diamonds at J. Birnbach Inc in New York city were never stolen, An employee threw them out during a move from one office to another… A security guard found them in the trash and sold some to another jeweler in the same building, This mistake emphasizes the need of taking time to check all the things thrown into the trash in the jewelry and gemstone industry. This would have been a $5 million dollar loss for Birnbach and cause a great deal of anxiety for a long time to come. Since I have personally had a similar […]

About Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

About Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Jewelry and jewelers insurance are a very important part of security for your gemstones and jewelry. Jewelers Mutual specializes in these types of insurance coverage. Find all the information you need at the website, I found this jewelers resource at the Jewelers Security Alliance which is also a great resource to be exploited by jewelry designers, jewelers, and even manufacturers of jewelry. Jewelers Mutual has partners in the jewelry and gem industries like the American Gem Society, Canadian Jewelers Association, and the Jewelry Information Center just to name a few. These strategic alliances and partnerships add to the strength and viability of the insurance programs. […]

Safe Jewelry Shipping Advice from Jeweler’s Mutual

Safe Jewelry Shipping Advice from Jeweler’s Mutual Jewelers Resource Bureau With shipping losses currently affecting several Jewelers Mutual policyholders-with recent claims attributed to address errors, lack of communication between shipper and recipient and improper packaging–the organization has issued important precautionary measures. 1. Place merchandise in a medium-sized cardboard box and seal with tape. Label this box with your return address (using non-jewelry-related words) and the tracking number. This will serve as identification if the outside container or mailing label is destroyed in transit. 2. Place this box in a strong, oversized shipping box (i.e., 12 inches by 12 inches by four inches). If possible, use a packaging box from a […]

Gemstone Treatments and Enhancements

Gemstone Treatments and Enhancements Heat treatment is the most common way to enhance the color and appearance of gemstones. Gemstone treating is not a new phenomenon and dates back as far as 50AD. Treating gemstones is normal in the industry and may or may not affect the value. High quality unheated rubies and sapphires are extremely rare and command a higher price over treated stones. These untreated stones comprise about ½ of 1% of the total market so a normal consumer is unlikely to find one at the local jewelry store. Most people buy jewelry for appearance so treated stones fill the bill nicely and keep the prices reasonable. Common […]

Synthetic or man made gems

Lab created or man made gemstones Lab Created and Natural Gemstones are both real gems, although lab created stones are not natural gemstones. There continues to be controversy on this subject, synthetic sapphires are chemically the same as natural mined stones but are made by man not nature. Making Gems in a lab environment allows better control over color and clarity. This also helps reduce the costs of gems for jewelry and helps the consumer get a nice beautiful piece of jewelry and save money. Consumers buy jewelry for appearance and using lab created gemstones allows greater flexibility in the creation of the perfect ring or necklace. One should always […]