FLA Best Jewelry Designer: Jennifer Meyer

FLA Best Jewelry Designer: Jennifer Meyer Here we are again with an article about a famous successful Jewelry Designer who started off with no experience and masterminded a solid popular designer line of fashion jewelry. Read about how a young aspiring designer was hesitant to begin her endeavors in design. Her story fits thousands of young designers looking for the courage and correct moment to jump into the jewelry designing fray. I take pride in my designs but I never found the success of some, this never deterred me from trying and failing, although with some successes along my way. If you are a frustrated designer and afraid to begin […]

Gem Market Pulse – March 2016 The Jewelry Industry Summit

Gem Market Pulse – March 2016 Gem markets continue to be volatile in many areas, the financing industry that supports the gem and jewelry industries are moving from the sector more and more. The challenges that the gem traders face are numerous and fluid. This article accents these issues facing the markets such as fair trade and new resources for bringing new goods to market. The newly offered deep rich purple garnets from exotic locations like Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania came around during the recent Tucson gem show. The prices were good and the quality was awesome from all I have read and heard. Amateur jewelry designers would be well […]

Jewelry designs by Vanderbilt family member

Although she has the advantage of her family name her inspiration came from a piece of her great grand mothers jewelry. She found her passion to become a jewelry designer herself. This story is a perfect example of how a jewelry designer can find inspiration in an unexpected place and become a viable jewelry designer with a marketable line of jewelry designs. Finding a particular concept and running with it can be a challenge, look for a simple plentiful source of unique materials, gems, wood, leather or what ever the material the jewelry is created from. Ms. Vanderbilt may have had name recognition, but she had no experience in jewelry […]

5-Carat Lab-Grown Blue Diamond Graded by GIA

5-Carat Lab-Grown Blue Diamond Graded by GIA With labs perfecting the HPHT lab process for lab grown diamonds larger and larger stones are coming to the markets. Recent a 5.03ct blue diamond grown in a laboratory was inspected by GIA. These larger stones are causing a lot of interest in the markets, as the technology increases the quality is as well. Although a lab grown gem can be detected in a number of ways they still are causing the jewelry industry to sit up and take notice. This particular man made gemstone was significant enough to have the findings published early online by GIA. The company to produce it in […]

De Beers reports US$540m in its first sale of 2016

De Beers reports US$540m in its first sale of 2016 The diamond markets are moving well as De Beers the premiere suppliers has shown an increase of nearly 120 percent over the last sale of 2015. The diamond rough market is set to leap into the 2016 market with new goods that have set the dealers on the edge of their seats. Watching the sales set here can help predict trends and forecast what will be selling in the jewelry industry. Jewelry designers can watch these trends and learn when to be buying stones for their new jewelry designs. The colored stone markets are another one to watch to see […]

Sri Lanka: From Mine to Market

Sri Lanka: From Mine to Market Following the GIA travel logs is a great way to learn about the far flung emerging and established gem markets of the world. Sri Lanka is a unique place in the world where many types of gems abound the landscape. The centuries have taught the Sri Lankan gem miner how to take his goods from mine to market with as few steps as possible. In recent years the changes in import export rules for the gemstone industry have helped them expand and bring in large amounts of foreign stones for cutting and processing into jewelry for the world. With the mining, trading, cutting, treatment, […]

The Frontier of China’s Gem and Jewelry Industry

Shenzhen: The Frontier of China’s Gem and Jewelry Industry… It is hard to believe the tremendous changes that have taken Shenzhen from a provincial fishing village to a world class economic and business zone. This has taken more nearly four decades and along the way a thriving gem and jewelry industry has grown and taken real root. Jewelry designs abound throughout the region, gem and jewelry manufacturing have found a long term market there. GIA has taken notice and started keeping the demographics up to date. There are now thousands of jewelry and gem dealers registered and it is expanding still. As one who is into the jewelry industry for […]

12 Jewelry Trends for 2016: 10 Pairs of Studs and Earring Jackets

12 Jewelry Trends for 2016: 10 Pairs of Studs and Earring Jackets… If these earring designs are trending there must be complimenting pendents and necklaces along with them. It is a good thing to watch trends of jewelry design when creating new designs each season. However you can become a trendsetter by varying the design trends with your own twists and concepts. Design concepts and trends should not be driven by fashionistas, but by jewelry designers with vision. This simple rule will help you create more innovative designs based on trending colors or styles at the moment of creation. But classic timeless jewelry designs are always in style and they […]

What It’s Like to Cut the World’s Most Expensive Diamond

What It’s Like to Cut the World’s Most Expensive Diamond? Keeping in mind that it is very rare that a diamond like the Blue Moon diamond comes to auction, it is a noteworthy event to share with the world. Last November 2015 a 12.03ct vivid blue flawless diamond sold for nearly $50 million dollars. Not a lot of players in this market and they all came looking. In the end the rough piece went for approximately $26 million and the scene was set for the cutting to bring out the best price possible. Imagine if cut incorrectly it could have been a worthless rock. Diamonds like this piece are extremely […]

Quick Tests You Can Do to Test for Fake Gemstones

Quick Tests You Can Do to Test for Fake Gemstones There are many fake or simulated gemstones out there and unscrupulous traders will be trying to pass them off to the unsuspecting uneducated consumer. Amateur jewelry designers have fallen victim to these dealers with a lack of ethics. Having full knowledge of who you are buying from and a guarantee of authenticity is important to maintain integrity in the design and sales process. Selling fake or simulated gems is an accepted practice in the jewelry industry as long as disclosed fully in plain language. Buyer beware and due diligence is needed to be observed. Learn about the tricks that are […]