Jadeite jewellery set fetches US$3.33m at HK auction

Spectacular Icy Jade Jewelrytops auction sale A pair beautiful jadeite earrings with diamonds and designed by jewellery designer Alessio Boschi recently was sold at auction for $3.33 million dollars in a Hong Kong auction. These are exquisite in quality of gem and quality of design. December 6 auction, Tiancheng International said that a telephone bidder bought the earrings. And that also sold was a jadeite and diamond pendant with a  ‘Bamboo’ motif. Natural unheated Burmese Mogok ruby and diamond pendant earrings were among the other items in this auction held December 6 2015. The entire auction saw $245,000,000HKD in total sales. Other top pieces in the event were Icy Jadeite […]

A simple Wax Carvers clients rock

A simple wax carver becomes rocking jewelry star Many people who design their own jewelry also carve the wax models for the production of the design. In some cases these designers have fame in two fields, a great wax carver is always in high demand. Paul Robilotti is one wax carver whose designs are very popular with rock stars, movie stars and presidents. Imagine having clientele so diverse after your jewelry designs. Mr Robilotti has done wax carvings for customers like De Beers, and Peter Max and more. His successes in both fields is somewhat unusual yet it demonstrates that no one should limit themselves. And jewelry designers who are […]

Will Gem and Colored Diamond Markets Crash?

Will Gem and Colored Diamond Markets Crash? The colored gem and diamond markets have been doing well over the past few years yet many other aspects of the gem economy are troubling The Gemstone Forecaster shows markets slowing in the fall of 2015. Many of the top producers like Burma (Myanmar) show spectacular new goods but demand has slowed dramatically in recent months. The markets have been called a bubble by some, but I wonder if it is a bubble at all in regards to colored diamonds and gems. With the Chinese buyers drying up after years of rampant purchasing of gems this has had an affect across the trade. […]

Vintage-inspired engagement ring trend

Vintage-inspired engagement ring trend The Jewelers Information Center offers very good information on trends in jewelry design and sales. Following trends help keep your sales rising. Staying abreast of the many aspects and factors that drive jewelry style trends are looked at and investigated by the JIC. This jewelry designers resource is one that should be bookmarked and exploited for ideas on new inventory and advertising campaigns to get the word out on your trendy new acquisitions. Many other resources for jewelry trends can be found and are also great sources or information to aid in your success as a jeweler designer or jeweler No two brides are the same, […]

About Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

About Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Jewelry and jewelers insurance are a very important part of security for your gemstones and jewelry. Jewelers Mutual specializes in these types of insurance coverage. Find all the information you need at the website, I found this jewelers resource at the Jewelers Security Alliance which is also a great resource to be exploited by jewelry designers, jewelers, and even manufacturers of jewelry. Jewelers Mutual has partners in the jewelry and gem industries like the American Gem Society, Canadian Jewelers Association, and the Jewelry Information Center just to name a few. These strategic alliances and partnerships add to the strength and viability of the insurance programs. […]

How Rihanna’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Built an Empire

How Rihanna’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Built an Empire Some designers never intended to be one. This article documents one highly successful jewelry designer’s road to the top. Jacquie Aiche began her designing career as a hobbyist and never considered that she might have a lifetimes work ahead of her for her much sought after designs. Over the years her designs took on a life of their own and eventually she returned to her design work full time, starting in her garage. She is now an “A”  list designer in the celebrity world of Hollywood with clients like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. So when you think that you can’t become a […]

Thailand’s gemstone manufacturers look to China for growth

Thailand’s gemstone manufacturers look to China for growth There have been many big changes in the Thai gem markets in the last decade. At one time the majority of the worlds commercial colored gemstones where processed in Thailand, but since the economic turmoil of the early part of this century the cutting business is forever changed. It has become leaner but more competitive in the recent past. A new rising star in innovation is entering the Chinese market  exhibited by companies like Gemburi Co. Ltd. I had a personal experience with this company in September 2015 when i was attending the bi annual Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show. I found […]

Aussie supplier lands Star Wars jewellery deal

Aussie supplier lands Star Wars jewellery deal This is sure to be a big deal in the making, to get a deal for a Star Wars themed jewelry line is a big deal for Disney Couture. The movie memorabilia market is enormous and with the brand Star Wars it will definitely be a huge opportunity to show the world there goods. This type of marketing can be very lucrative and expensive to gear up for the production and distribution. Many other movies market jewelry as part of the their strategy to saturate the demographic customer they wish to target. This is a win win situation for the jewelry supplier and […]

How to draw rings…

How to draw rings A wonderful video from YouTube that illustrates a technique to drawn ring designs for yourself. Take a few minute to view it and learn this super simple trick to making your jewelry designs pop up off the sketchpad for you. This video is by Ioana Avram, It demonstrates a technique of drawing rings that is simple and concise with the ability to position the ring in any manner you wish to. Learn about this and find some designing aids and sketchpads to get started with all those jewelry designs floating about in your creative mind. Even designs with gemstones can be made to look just like […]

‘Crimson Flame’ ruby sets world record at Christie’s HK auction

‘Crimson Flame’ ruby sets world record at Christie’s HK auction Jewellery News Asia is a premiere publication that puts you inside the pulse of the Jewellery trends in Asia and the world. A great resource for jewellery designers and gem professionals, it has concise articles and timely information for design trends, shows, new colors and so much more. In my opinion well worth the subscription expense. Far more information about the jewellery industry than can be covered in this simple post. I find it thoroughly satisfying to read and do research with for my designing work. Some other online resources that is well worth looking into is the Jewelers Resource […]