Chicago-Area Jeweler Delivers Using a Drone

Chicago-Area Jeweler Delivers Using a Drone I suppose this is a sign of things to come, more and more technology for drone delivery is appearing in the marketplaces of the world. Here is a local company innovative in the way they work on customer service. It was a simple delivery but it was also their first delivery by drone. As the technology develops I think it will eventually become more common and even expected by clients. This way of conducting business is in it’s earliest stages but shows tremendous potential in many industries and applications. Drones are new in the jewelers world but at least one is attempting to develop […]

How Rihanna’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Built an Empire

How Rihanna’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Built an Empire Some designers never intended to be one. This article documents one highly successful jewelry designer’s road to the top. Jacquie Aiche began her designing career as a hobbyist and never considered that she might have a lifetimes work ahead of her for her much sought after designs. Over the years her designs took on a life of their own and eventually she returned to her design work full time, starting in her garage. She is now an “A”  list designer in the celebrity world of Hollywood with clients like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. So when you think that you can’t become a […]

Jewellery Design dazzling future in coloured gem industry

Jewellery Design Japanese jeweller sees dazzling future in coloured gem industry New designs and the creative use of colored stones are increasing interest in the worlds markets for fresh jewellery designs. The new interest in even some of the semi precious stones like alexandrite, and tourmaline, topaz, citrine, peridot and rose quartz is exciting. These new concepts are gaining the attention of many in the jewellery design industry. Even the established design houses are paying more attention to these fine colored stones. Companies like Kajita in Japan have come up with new concepts in the use of colored gemstones. In the article featured below we see that the 2016 season […]

Children’s the new jewellery category

Chrysalis targets new jewellery category Children’s jewellery is a growing market with designers and producers alike. The possibilities within this niche market are expansive and exciting. The ever changing environment of children’s jewellery design is dynamic and challenging. But when a children’s design or style catches on with the children hold on because rocketing sales booms and busts are coming. Because just like all other jewellery customers they are fickle and sometimes have short attention spans. This means that the child market is extremely challenging and wrought with pitfalls. But if you get in for the long run and stay abreast with the trends then it can be a very […]

JDRC is now an affiliate of The Jewelers Resource Bureau

Jewelers Resource Bureau Jewelry Designers Resource Center is proud to announce it’s newly formed affiliation with The Jewelers Resource Bureau. Which is a tremendous resource for jewelers and jewelry designers for jewelry trade shows and designer-friendly craft fairs, associations for designers, events for designers, design competitions and industry trade publications. All in a single spot help for marketing solutions, packaging solutions, jewelry tools and so much more. Take advantage of the short and long term sources and the latest in industry trends. Subscribing instantly guarantees immediate members area access to everything you’ll need to t grow o help grow your business.  Get access to  the How-To Library with many dozens […]

Indiana Jeweler Killed, First Industry Homicide This Year

Indiana Jeweler Killed, First Industry Homicide This Year An Austin Indiana jeweler was shot to death on 7 November 2015, this illustrates the need for vigilance of personal safety. The gem and Jewelry trade has had these tragedies happen far too often over the years. Consider the JSA Jewelers Security Alliance for a resource of safety information. This industry is prone to such crisis issues and the more you know about how to secure your goods and yourself the safer it will be for you. Rob Bates | November 12 2015 The tragic killing of an Indiana jeweler marks the first industry-related homicide this year. According to Indiana state police, John Turner, […]

Gemological Laboratories

Gemological Laboratories American Gemological Laboratories Founded in 1977, and located in the heart of New York’s gem and jewelry district, American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) is an international gemstone testing facility specializing in comprehensive colored gemstone analysis. International Gemological Laboratories IGL Laboratories are respected diamond grading laboratory. We have pioneered the development of the first scientific system used to evaluate how well a diamond has been cut. A diamond’s cut is the most important C of all of the four C’s. EGL Each EGL USA Gemological Report provides a clear, concise view of your stone. So, it’s more than an exceptional document. GIA Established in 1931, GIA is the world’s foremost […]

Lapidary supplies and equipment

Lapidary supplies and Equipment Inland’s lapidary equipment, diamond tools, and lapidary supplies are available to lapidary hobbyists and rockhounds all over the world. Our line of lapidary equipment includes diamond band saws and trim saws, plus diamond grinders and flat lap machines, – all designed specifically for use on rocks and minerals. Ameritool offers the highest quality lapidary and glass working machines.  Our trim saws and grinders set the industry standards for quality and design.  Our equipment is used by lapidary, glass, jewelry and beading artists around the world. Rio Grande, At Rio, we believe in jewelers. In the digital age, perhaps this is a radical idea. But we remain […]