JNA is a top magazine in the jewelry industry

JNA is a top magazine in the jewelry industry offering news and information on the jewelry trade industry, they track trends and changes in the industry and have a huge amount of information for those looking to track sales, trends and new design techniques Celebrating its fifth anniversary next year, the JNA Awards, the jewellery and gemstone industry’s premier platform for recognising innovative and high-achieving individuals and enterprises, has announced changes to its award categories in 2016. The organiser of the event, JNA (Jewellery News Asia), has made adjustments to a few award categories to encourage greater participation from more regions and, at the same time, consolidate some categories that […]

Arrest Warrant Issued over $1.3M Santa Fe Jewelry Store Heist

It seems that during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony this fellow is alleged to have taken 11 pieces of jewelry including a $35,000.00 ring. Santa Fe Police have issued a warrant for the perpetrator who was believed to have fled the state. He was later captured and plead guilty to theft charges by Alastair Jamieson and Ali Gostanian An arrest warrant was issued Thursday for the main suspect in a $1.3-million jewelry store heist which happened while the New Mexico capital’s Christmas lights were being switched on. The Santa Fe Police Department are hunting Luis Villalba Boca-Negra, 45, over the Nov. 27 theft from Diva Diamonds. Read More Here…

Design Competition 2016

Design Competition 2016 Two of the nine categories are for Jewelry Making and Jewelry Design this is the second annual competition. Florence is legendary for it’s inspiring designs in art and jewelry. I’m looking forward to hearing the results and seeing the designs for jewelry in next years competition. Take a few moments to look at the Accademia Riaci’s competition requirements pass this along to those you know in other words spread this opportunity far and wide. Good things come from such events. Florence, sometimes called the “museum of no roof ”, is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The city of which modern Italy is proud as a center […]

Large Rough Pink Diamond

A 23.16ct rough pink diamond has been uncovered in Tanzania, one of many large rough diamonds found there recently.by Petra Diamonds. This is one of a series of incredible finds in recent months. The color of this rough is wonderful and it should cut into a spectacular finished piece. Tanzania has produced other large rough one is the second largest rough diamond ever discovered at 1111ct. More is expected to be produced from the region with many large pieces coming from the region in recent months, with some over 300cts. National Jeweler articles are a good source of news for diamond enthusiasts. I would love to see the finished pieces […]

Jewelry shows

Arusha Gem Fair The show features a wide variety of colored gemstones and diamonds. 19-21 April 2016, Arusha, Tanzania. A truly African promise of friendship and partnership, AGF offers a regional African show that brings together exhibitors from East, Central and Southern Africa. Read More…

Diamond Fun Facts

Diamond Fun Facts GIA (Gemological Institute of America) was establish as a non profit resource for gemology in 1931. They are the leading diamond authority in the world. Below is a clip from a very well written article on diamond facts. Did You Know? Diamonds can be burned. To burn a diamond, it must be heated to between 1290 Diamonds were used to engrave gemstones in India by 300 BCE. 1290-1650 degrees Fahrenheit. House fires and jewelers’ torches can sometimes reach that temperature. D-to-Z color diamonds are the most widely used in jewelry, but diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. For natural colored diamonds, blue, green, orange and red […]

Gemstone Industry in Nigeria

Gemstone industry in Nigeria In recent times the hap hazard approach to gemstone sourcing in Nigeria has began to organized and mechanized mining is now beginning to take hold and the market is responding well to this change. Nigeria has become a major gemstone supplier in the past few decades. Now with the markets opening up to this source of colored gem industry is getting government support and organizing assistance. Tourmaline, Spessartite, Rubellite, Mambilla Sapphire, and even Emerald are all finding their way into the jewelry markets in Thailand for processing  and manufacturing. “Gemstone exports from Nigeria have always been somewhat poorly organized, and mainly of rough stones. Recently, however, […]

What are recycled diamonds

Diamond recycling is a growing industry, also called re purposed diamonds, they are basically a cut and polished gem that has been used in jewelry then recovered and remounted for commercial sale. With the decline of control of the diamond market by DeBeers. Recycling of these precious gems is growing, another factor is the price of diamonds has been rising of late. The market for re purposed diamonds is estimated by some to be almost $1 trillion dollars and growing. One of the big players in diamond recycling is WP Diamonds in the United Kingdom. One of the main factors in this markets growth is the cost of extracting fresh […]

Huge rough diamond discovered

National Jeweler has an article about the second largest rough diamond ever unearthed, a 222 gram or 1,111ct spectacular rough diamond was discovered in Botswana recently. This particular mine has also recently found three other diamonds over 300 carats. Rough gems this large are extremely rare and to have this many found in a single year is very big news. The Karowe mine is located in Botswana at the AK6 kimberlite pipe. Congratulations are in order here for such a spectacular discovery of mother natures finest creations Lucara President and CEO William Lamb said the 1,111-carat diamond workers found Monday at the company’s Karowe Mine is “slightly smaller than a […]

LVMH invests in Repossi Brand Jewelry

The Italian luxury Jewelry Brand Repossi has a new investor in the LVMH who has also acquired the Bulgari Brand, and owns a number of other luxury brands. The Repossi brand has only two stores one in Paris and one in Monte Carlo. This new move is designed to develop distribution worldwide. The brand is available in 90 retailers around the world. This seems to be an effort to expand throughout the jewelry retail world.  The jewelry industry is tightly intertwined with the fashion trends and this move will be a big boost to the brand name Repossi… “The LVMH Group announced Monday that it will take a minority stake […]