How Rihanna’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Built an Empire

How Rihanna’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Built an Empire Some designers never intended to be one. This article documents one highly successful jewelry designer’s road to the top. Jacquie Aiche began her designing career as a hobbyist and never considered that she might have a lifetimes work ahead of her for her much sought after designs. Over the years her designs took on a life of their own and eventually she returned to her design work full time, starting in her garage. She is now an “A”  list designer in the celebrity world of Hollywood with clients like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. So when you think that you can’t become a […]

Thailand’s gemstone manufacturers look to China for growth

Thailand’s gemstone manufacturers look to China for growth There have been many big changes in the Thai gem markets in the last decade. At one time the majority of the worlds commercial colored gemstones where processed in Thailand, but since the economic turmoil of the early part of this century the cutting business is forever changed. It has become leaner but more competitive in the recent past. A new rising star in innovation is entering the Chinese market  exhibited by companies like Gemburi Co. Ltd. I had a personal experience with this company in September 2015 when i was attending the bi annual Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show. I found […]

How to draw rings…

How to draw rings A wonderful video from YouTube that illustrates a technique to drawn ring designs for yourself. Take a few minute to view it and learn this super simple trick to making your jewelry designs pop up off the sketchpad for you. This video is by Ioana Avram, It demonstrates a technique of drawing rings that is simple and concise with the ability to position the ring in any manner you wish to. Learn about this and find some designing aids and sketchpads to get started with all those jewelry designs floating about in your creative mind. Even designs with gemstones can be made to look just like […]

‘Crimson Flame’ ruby sets world record at Christie’s HK auction

‘Crimson Flame’ ruby sets world record at Christie’s HK auction Jewellery News Asia is a premiere publication that puts you inside the pulse of the Jewellery trends in Asia and the world. A great resource for jewellery designers and gem professionals, it has concise articles and timely information for design trends, shows, new colors and so much more. In my opinion well worth the subscription expense. Far more information about the jewellery industry than can be covered in this simple post. I find it thoroughly satisfying to read and do research with for my designing work. Some other online resources that is well worth looking into is the Jewelers Resource […]

Safe Jewelry Shipping Advice from Jeweler’s Mutual

Safe Jewelry Shipping Advice from Jeweler’s Mutual Jewelers Resource Bureau With shipping losses currently affecting several Jewelers Mutual policyholders-with recent claims attributed to address errors, lack of communication between shipper and recipient and improper packaging–the organization has issued important precautionary measures. 1. Place merchandise in a medium-sized cardboard box and seal with tape. Label this box with your return address (using non-jewelry-related words) and the tracking number. This will serve as identification if the outside container or mailing label is destroyed in transit. 2. Place this box in a strong, oversized shipping box (i.e., 12 inches by 12 inches by four inches). If possible, use a packaging box from a […]

True North Begins Mining in Greenland

True North Begins Mining in Greenland Greenland continues to show the world that they have vast new resources for precious gems and metals. With the award of a mining license to begin mining Rubies and Pink Sapphires from what will be an open pit mining operation. This is the early stages of development of Greenland’s tremendous resources. Rubies are becoming more rare in places like Myanmar formerly known as Burma. New discoveries and mining operation that produce quality gemstones will likely do well in the markets around the world. Greenland’s extreme climatic conditions make recovering gems there difficult at best but the vast reserves that appear to be present then […]

JDRC is now an affiliate of The Jewelers Resource Bureau

Jewelers Resource Bureau Jewelry Designers Resource Center is proud to announce it’s newly formed affiliation with The Jewelers Resource Bureau. Which is a tremendous resource for jewelers and jewelry designers for jewelry trade shows and designer-friendly craft fairs, associations for designers, events for designers, design competitions and industry trade publications. All in a single spot help for marketing solutions, packaging solutions, jewelry tools and so much more. Take advantage of the short and long term sources and the latest in industry trends. Subscribing instantly guarantees immediate members area access to everything you’ll need to t grow o help grow your business.  Get access to  the How-To Library with many dozens […]

There are three good reasons why the FBI investigates jewelry and gem theft.

There are three good reasons why the FBI investigates jewelry and gem theft. There are many major gem thefts and robberies that cross state and national borders, so this is part of why the Federal Bureau of Investigation gets involved. Organized groups are often involved so diligence is important is keeping yourself, your employees and your goods safe… First, the thefts usually cross state and even national boundaries—so they need a federal agency with offices across the nation and overseas to investigate these highly mobile jewelry thieves. Second, these crimes are increasingly committed by organized criminal enterprises or “theft groups” that likewise require a federal agency with tough laws and […]

50 Tips To Prevent Jewelry Store Robberies or Minimize the Damage Should They Occur

50 Tips To Prevent Jewelry Store Robberies or Minimize the Damage Should They Occur Great information on staying safe in the jewelry industry. Read and learn, even if you think you are safe read it anyway there may be that one tip that saves your life and merchandise one day. JCK Magazine is an industry authority, they offer a tremendous resource to anyone with interest in gems and jewelry. Encountering an armed robber is one of the scariest things a jeweler can experience, but experts say there are certain ­measures you can take to prevent a robbery, or to minimize the damage should one take place, as well as advice […]

Indiana Jeweler Killed, First Industry Homicide This Year

Indiana Jeweler Killed, First Industry Homicide This Year An Austin Indiana jeweler was shot to death on 7 November 2015, this illustrates the need for vigilance of personal safety. The gem and Jewelry trade has had these tragedies happen far too often over the years. Consider the JSA Jewelers Security Alliance for a resource of safety information. This industry is prone to such crisis issues and the more you know about how to secure your goods and yourself the safer it will be for you. Rob Bates | November 12 2015 The tragic killing of an Indiana jeweler marks the first industry-related homicide this year. According to Indiana state police, John Turner, […]