Wadsworth Hosts Lecture By “Downton Abbey” Jewelry Designer

Wadsworth Hosts Lecture By “Downton Abbey” Jewelry Designer Period jewelry being designed for British TV his Downton Abbey by Andrew Prince is getting plenty of attention. The late 19th and early 20th century setting of the show has renewed interest in the jewelry designs and trends from 1890-1929. These years were special in that the world expanded and influences from the opulence created during this period made jewelry designs flourish. And now renewed interest in such retro designs is growing. Is it due to this one show, who knows but I can say that when a designers works are featured in TV or movies it always helps peak interest. The […]

For Your Wrist, Chips in Platinum

For Your Wrist, Chips in Platinum Kate Unsworth, techno jewelry designer Jewelry design with  high technology functionality is becoming more popular all the time. Jewelry designer Kate Unsworth has made it fashionable and functionality built in. This will continue to trend as technology evolves and design becomes a driving force with the buying public. A new market category is emerging and is extremely exciting as it opens doors in jewelry design that were un-imagined just a few years ago. Connectivity is the buzz word now with the new tech jewelry designers coming forth. Imagine beauty and connectivity with your iPhone or Android phone to make you know what is happening […]

Gem Market Pulse – March 2016 The Jewelry Industry Summit

Gem Market Pulse – March 2016 Gem markets continue to be volatile in many areas, the financing industry that supports the gem and jewelry industries are moving from the sector more and more. The challenges that the gem traders face are numerous and fluid. This article accents these issues facing the markets such as fair trade and new resources for bringing new goods to market. The newly offered deep rich purple garnets from exotic locations like Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania came around during the recent Tucson gem show. The prices were good and the quality was awesome from all I have read and heard. Amateur jewelry designers would be well […]

Diamond Market Update: Sales, Prices Pick Up

Diamond Market Update: Sales, Prices Pick Up Caution is the word of the day when it comes to diamond prices at the moment, but if you will be needing a quality diamond for an upcoming jewelry design now may be the time to look. The latest rough sales have shown increases in prices so that means as they exit the cutting houses the prices for polished diamonds will rise as well. The markets for diamond jewelry remain soft and uncertain even with that rough sale prices rose. As amateur jewelry designers begin buying higher valued gems like diamonds caution is advised. Be sure who you are dealing with, be sure […]

Jewelry designs by Vanderbilt family member

Although she has the advantage of her family name her inspiration came from a piece of her great grand mothers jewelry. She found her passion to become a jewelry designer herself. This story is a perfect example of how a jewelry designer can find inspiration in an unexpected place and become a viable jewelry designer with a marketable line of jewelry designs. Finding a particular concept and running with it can be a challenge, look for a simple plentiful source of unique materials, gems, wood, leather or what ever the material the jewelry is created from. Ms. Vanderbilt may have had name recognition, but she had no experience in jewelry […]

5-Carat Lab-Grown Blue Diamond Graded by GIA

5-Carat Lab-Grown Blue Diamond Graded by GIA With labs perfecting the HPHT lab process for lab grown diamonds larger and larger stones are coming to the markets. Recent a 5.03ct blue diamond grown in a laboratory was inspected by GIA. These larger stones are causing a lot of interest in the markets, as the technology increases the quality is as well. Although a lab grown gem can be detected in a number of ways they still are causing the jewelry industry to sit up and take notice. This particular man made gemstone was significant enough to have the findings published early online by GIA. The company to produce it in […]

Romancing the Source: Montana Sapphires

Romancing the Source: Montana Sapphires Montana sapphires are making their mark in the gemstone industry , although these wonderful sapphires have been mined in the area since the 1800’s they had not been a big influence in the markets. They have in recent years been growing a clientele through the internet. Three main areas are the source for these spectacular stones. near Helena along the Missouri River, in the Sapphire Mountains at Rock Creek, and near Deer Lodge at Dry Cottonwood. There are a few other areas but the main concentration of sapphires in the state are in these three places. Sapphires are highly valued in the jewelry industry and […]

Are Some Gems Only Half Precious?

Are Some Gems Only Half Precious? Semi precious is a misrepresentation of the values involved in gemstones other than the big 4 diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. There are so called semi precious stone calling for higher prices that even diamonds are going for. The rarity and opening of new markets for colored stones, along with designers discovering new fashion trendy colors in what used to be obscure unknown gemstones. Many new designers look at the semi precious classification as being inferior in quality and value. That is not the situation these days with new trends emerging annually with new colors and stones most folks never heard of a short […]

Jewelry Designer Margot McKinney Draws Inspiration From the Desert

Jewelry Designer Margot McKinney Draws Inspiration From the Desert Here is a great example of a jewelry designer who thinks out of the box, her simple and at the same time complex designs are inspired by the desert. Here bold designs are not for the meek, they are intended to make a statement an entrance factor so to speak, her designs get noticed. This is a way for any designer to build a name for themselves, find what inspires your and your designs and work to create a unique concept for that. One does not have to be a top line designer to apply these techniques to grow interest in […]

De Beers reports US$540m in its first sale of 2016

De Beers reports US$540m in its first sale of 2016 The diamond markets are moving well as De Beers the premiere suppliers has shown an increase of nearly 120 percent over the last sale of 2015. The diamond rough market is set to leap into the 2016 market with new goods that have set the dealers on the edge of their seats. Watching the sales set here can help predict trends and forecast what will be selling in the jewelry industry. Jewelry designers can watch these trends and learn when to be buying stones for their new jewelry designs. The colored stone markets are another one to watch to see […]