Aquamarine the birthstone of March


As a member of the beryl family (which includes emerald) Aquamarine,  comes in a number of color ranges pastel blue and greenish blue shades, from the palest hint to a deep sky blue. Often used in fashion as an accent to dark grey and navy blue, it has a look of wet ice and looks most elegant when used with these colors.

The traditional birthstone of the month of March its legend for calming and soothing properties makes it sought by married couples for its influence on relationships longevity. Also said to be the treasure of mermaids it is claimed to be more powerful when in water. A timeless gem in jewelry design it’s popularity is solid in the jewelry designers eye.


It is sourced in a wide range places around the world from Mozambique to other exotic places like Zambia, Madagascar, Nigeria and Pakistan, but the bulk of this icy toned gem comes from Brazil. The deeper the color the higher the desire of the Connoisseur to have in their collection. The purer the blue the better with the stones with a greenish or grey flash are less valued. Greenish stones are usually heated to remove the yellow trace and increase the value. Most Aquamarine is pale in color clarity is very important with this gemstone. The most popular cuts are oval and emerald cuts Because the color is generally pale, fine aquamarine is expected to have very good clarity and cut.

This gem is often cut in ovals and emerald cuts. Stones with more color saturation are somewhat rare. It takes larger stones to achieve a deeper darker shades and tones. This fine gem has a moh’s hardness of 7.5 it is durable and easily kept up with a cleaning of mild soap and a toothbrush to keep it looking its best.