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Jewelry Designers Resource Center (JDRC) was created by me, Robert Amerault, as a resource for anyone interested in Jewelry Design, Gem Stones and Precious Metals, and other areas of the Jewelry Industry. The goal of the site is to provide useful and accurate information, along with some of the latest news and fun facts about the Jewelry Industry. JDRC invites submissions of new ideas and perspectives on anything related to the industry. We are also seeking writers and experts in the fields of Jewelry Design, Gemology, and Lapidary to contribute to the site.

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Golden South Sea Pearls

Pearls are a special classification of gemstone, they are the only gem the is grown inside an animal. They hold mystical and magical reputations. The golden south sea pearl is one of the most sought after of all pearls. The deep golden yellow with an iridescence that makes them so beautiful and loved.





Black Tahitian Pearls

Just the name Tahitian pearls congers up exotic thoughts of the south seas. These black pearls are some of the most treasured of all pearl colors. They have a sheen like no other. There is just something about the black reflective shine of this spectacular gem that makes the so loved an sought after throughout the world.