The Underrated Pleasure of Wearing Jewelry Made Just for You

The pleasure of wearing jewelry made just for you is gratifying, imagine the gratification of being the one to design it for yourself. Many amateur jewelry designers began this way, first having an image of a piece of jewelry they would love to have, they sketch it and  have it made up fr them. More often than not this starts a trend and they begin designing more and more, until one day they realize they are a jewelry designer.

In this article see how a twist on this theme is started when an author gets into jewelry related to publishing her works. In any regard having jewelry made just for you is a buzz one won’t soon forget. The fact that these designs can be very exclusive and even one off pieces is a satisfying factor as well.

Regardless of the reasons having jewelry unique to you is a pleasure in itself, with years of use ahead. Theme inspired jewelry is just one type of special made custom designed fashion accessory. Many aspects of the jewelry business are related to branding other products such as books or even fashion, this is a very effective means of gaining name recognition.

06tmag-hanya-01-blog427I am not embarrassed to say that one of the great benefits to publishing a book is jewelry. When my first novel, “The People in the Trees,” came out in 2013, I bought just one thing with my advance: a deep-blue enamel ring that I had lettered with the first line — Kaulana na pua a o Hawaii/Famous are the flowers of Hawaii — of one of the most resonant Hawaiian protest songs, “Famous Are the Flowers,” written in 1893 to voice support for the overthrown Queen Liliuokalani, the islands’ last monarch. My book was an allegory of Pacific colonialism, and it seemed right that I should wear this reminder of Hawaii, what it had been and what it had lost, on my hand.

When my second novel, “A Little Life,” was published last March, I didn’t buy any jewelry. But people gave it to me anyway: a reader sent me a silver cuff. A group of my close friends got together and bought me a ring — a heavy gold bird with round, brilliant-cut diamonds for eyes and dangling a briolette-shaped ruby from its mouth like a drop of blood — from the renowned Jaipur-based jeweler Gem Palace. (This very creation had actually inspired a similar piece of jewelry that appears in the book’s final chapter.)

But even so, I wanted a piece of custom jewelry, something to commemorate the novel’s characters, who had become as vivid and complicated to me as my own friends: certainly it felt as if I had spent more time with them in the year and a half it had taken to write the book than I had spent with actual humans. And then my friend Claudia, a jewelry editor, told me about a label called Foundrae.

When we wear a piece of custom jewelry, we are adding ourselves to a legacy as old as the Romans, the Greeks, the Persians — older. READ MORE…

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