For Your Wrist, Chips in Platinum

Kate Unsworth, techno jewelry designer

Jewelry design with  high technology functionality is becoming more popular all the time. Jewelry designer Kate Unsworth has made it fashionable and functionality built in. This will continue to trend as technology evolves and design becomes a driving force with the buying public. A new market category is emerging and is extremely exciting as it opens doors in jewelry design that were un-imagined just a few years ago.

Connectivity is the buzz word now with the new tech jewelry designers coming forth. Imagine beauty and connectivity with your iPhone or Android phone to make you know what is happening in your world. A bracelt or pendant that vibrates when a message comes in. In bedded with platinum and a chip it is leading edge stuff for the jewelry world.

The possibilities are enormous and unlimited in scope this is a new way of thinking and could even be a new category of jewelry market. Design and functionality are integral and they are making advances in this regard in leaps and bounds. It is a rapidly evolving new market and the excitement is just beginning to build. What will come next will be spectacular and will continue to change the face of the jewelry design world. The integration of technology with the design industry will be an exciting thing to watch, dont be afraid to look into it all.

kateunsworthLONDON — Jewelry is continuing to undergo a technological revolution of its own with the debut of Altruis, a collection that features a gemlike centerpiece of zirconia ceramic with an embedded chip that vibrates to alert the wearer to texts, calls and other iPhone alerts.

Unlike some other tech-connected pieces with rubber wristbands or fluorescent fittings, the Altruis necklaces, rings and bracelets are plated in precious metals like platinum and rose gold, so there’s little wonder they drew the attention of fashion-forward boutiques like Browns in London and Fivestory in New York, which, along with Altruis’s own website, began selling some of the pieces in mid-December. “Altruis challenges what fashion is, and is creating its own category,” Holli Rogers, chief executive of Browns, said.

Kate Unsworth, the 28-year-old founder and chief executive of Vinaya, the tech start-up behind Altruis, said that the idea had come to her because “I want to break the bad habit of checking our smartphones for the sake of it. I want to silence the digital noise but still be connected to the most important communication tools.” READ MORE…

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