Are Some Gems Only Half Precious?

Semi precious is a misrepresentation of the values involved in gemstones other than the big 4 diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. There are so called semi precious stone calling for higher prices that even diamonds are going for. The rarity and opening of new markets for colored stones, along with designers discovering new fashion trendy colors in what used to be obscure unknown gemstones. Many new designers look at the semi precious classification as being inferior in quality and value. That is not the situation these days with new trends emerging annually with new colors and stones most folks never heard of a short time ago.

New and aspiring jewelry designers can find some real gems in the many hundreds of semi precious group of stones. There are great deals to be had but the market for certain stones can be very volatile indeed. One needs to watch the trends for colors that they may be able to get at a bargain now but is soon to be in much higher demand

andalusiteThe gemstone business in the past was dominated by the “big three,” ruby, emerald, and sapphire. These gemstones have always been the most popular and the market for these stones is different than the market for other gemstones in many ways.

When other gemstone varieties began to be popular in jewelry, the jewelry industry got tired of calling them “colored gemstones other than ruby, emerald and sapphire.” People needed a term to distinguish these other gems from the big three, since all of them can be called colored gemstones. Unfortunately, the term they made up was “semi-precious” since the big three were often called precious stones, probably from the French “pierres precieuse.” Unfortunately the French terminology was not followed for the other stones or they would be known as “fine gemstones,” which is much better than that semi word. READ MORE…

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