Jewelry Designer Margot McKinney Draws Inspiration From the Desert

Here is a great example of a jewelry designer who thinks out of the box, her simple and at the same time complex designs are inspired by the desert. Here bold designs are not for the meek, they are intended to make a statement an entrance factor so to speak, her designs get noticed. This is a way for any designer to build a name for themselves, find what inspires your and your designs and work to create a unique concept for that. One does not have to be a top line designer to apply these techniques to grow interest in their designs. Jewelry designers of all levels and skill sets can make their niche in the jewelry industry by simply finding what inspires them to challenge their limits.

Look at mother nature for design ideas, when you slice open and piece of fruit try slicing it at an angle and look at the pattern it creates. Take a leaf from a tree add it to the background, mix and match natures wonder it is a super easy way to create concepts and then put your twist on them. Look at gemstones as part of mother natures pallet and dont apply limits to where and how to employ them. In other words don’t be limited by conventional thinking try new things. You do not have to be a designer for Neiman Marcus or recognized in Beverly Hills just get out and try it will come to you.

margot_mckinney_jewelryJeweler Margot McKinney’s statement pieces — think bold cuffs and drop earrings adorned with orange and yellow sapphires, rubies and white diamonds — are not for the faint of heart, but rather for the woman looking to make an entrance. Need to punch up your ensemble for the next red carpet or black tie function? Look no further.

Prior to her Tuesday evening fete at Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, where the designer will show off some of her most red-carpet worthy gems to stylists, Pret-a-Reporter sat down with the Australian designer to chat about her family business, her inspiration and her dream Hollywood client.

Margot McKinney: I find travel to be the most inspiring of activities. To take in sights and sounds, new surroundings, people and activity is immensely invigorating to me. I travel for well over half the year buying gems, visiting workrooms around the world and of course selling my jewelry.

I am always at my most creative after our summer holiday, which we spend at a beautiful beach in Queensland, close to where we live. The rambling house right on the beach is the perfect place to recreate and the sound of the rolling waves and the gentle swish of the breeze through the palm trees seems to stay with me for months afterwards. It is after this restorative holiday that my mind seems to overflow with new ideas for creations. READ MORE…

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