De Beers reports US$540m in its first sale of 2016

The diamond markets are moving well as De Beers the premiere suppliers has shown an increase of nearly 120 percent over the last sale of 2015. The diamond rough market is set to leap into the 2016 market with new goods that have set the dealers on the edge of their seats. Watching the sales set here can help predict trends and forecast what will be selling in the jewelry industry. Jewelry designers can watch these trends and learn when to be buying stones for their new jewelry designs. The colored stone markets are another one to watch to see what colors the fashion industry is looking for. Colored stone sales both precious and semi precious are affected by fashion trends and should be considered by jewelry designers when developing new design concepts for their clientele.

When an aspiring designer begins to follow fashion and stone sales trends they can get a better idea on what the buying public is looking for. Watching these reports and such can help one develop a intuition of what they can do for the next set of designs they will create and hopefully sell.

DeBeers2016SaleThe De Beers Group of Companies sold US$540 million of rough diamonds in its first sale of 2016, almost 118 percent higher than the US$248 million recorded during the final sales cycle of 2015. De Beers attributed this year’s strong start to solid jewellery sales during the US holiday season.

“A positive holiday season in the US from a retail perspective, low levels of rough diamond purchases by the midstream in Q4 2015 and a subsequent reduction in manufacturing saw polished diamond stocks pull through the pipeline. This has resulted in firmer polished prices,” said the company.

Rough diamond demand broadened across the entire product range as cutting and polishing factories began to increase their activity, it added.

Philippe Mellier, chief executive of the De Beers Group, commented, “We are encouraged by the result of the first sales cycle of 2016, and will keep working closely with our customers to deliver sustainable improvements in the diamond industry in 2016.”

De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM), meanwhile, announced that it has completed the sale of Kimberley Mines, including the tailings mineral resources, to Ekapa Minerals (Pty) Ltd – an investor consortium comprising Ekapa Mining (Pty) and Petra Diamonds Ltd. READ MORE…

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