Jewelry Designer Kara Ross Is Redefining Diamonds in a Truly Empowering Way

Diamonds can be for girls to buy for to buy for themselves, this is the belief of New York Jewelry Designer Kara Ross and I agree, her designs are wonderful and should be worn by any woman who desires. Gemstones like diamonds are timeless to this day, but times are changing on the acceptance and desire of women to buy diamond designs for themselves. I feel that white diamonds are too limited when there are so many beautiful colored gems and colored diamonds on the gem markets to be ignored and not put in new concept jewelry designs.

Countless possibilities are there for the use of white and colored diamonds for whimsical jewelry designs that a woman can treat herself to. Classical designs will always be in style, with many new concepts and the out of the box thinking that is coming into the gem and jewelry designers palette and reaching the markets.

kara-ross-designsKara Ross has long been passionate about rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other rare gemstones. But it’s diamonds that are most captivating the fine jewelry designer these days—and not in the way that you’d think.

The New York City designer has long pushed the envelope when it comes to creating unexpected, whimsical and artistic fine jewelry. And after making waves in the world of fine jewelry by drilling gems into baroque pearl (unheard-of!) setting semiprecious gemstones into fobs on handbags (jewelry on handbags!), Ross is daring to break another longstanding tradition in the category: She wants you to buy your own diamonds.

“There is a stigma attached to buying a diamond, [mainly] that you have to wait until you get engaged to have one,” Ross told Glamour, “Women buy their own cars, houses—diamonds are the only commodity that still have the stigma that women shouldn’t buy themselves one. I want to break that.”

And that’s just what Ross is doing with her new initiative and collection, called Diamonds Unleashed. Diamonds Unleashed is not simply a really gorgeous fine jewelry collection, it celebrates and supports women through various outlets including salons, where women can discuss important topics that make a difference and women’s charitable organizations across the world, such as She’s the First and Girls Who Code. READ MORE…

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