Holiday Sales Climbed 3 Percent in 2015

Sales during the 2015 holiday sales season rose results would encourage me to do more research into what effect this has had on t in 2015 according to the national retailers federation, yet there are conflicting results with the U.S. Commerce Department which registered a 0.02 percent decrease in overall sales. These conflicting results would cause me to be skeptical of them and do a bit more research into how the jewelry retail sector weathered the season.

Many folks that I connect with feel that the holiday jewelry season was a wash or losing proposition compared to a year ago. Their margins were smaller and they had to fight hard for the luxury goods sales. The jewelry industry has a tougher time in the retail sales market as the consumers are showing their worry about the economic slowdown taking shape over these last few months.

My take on this is that figures are being manipulated to ease the worry of both retailers and consumers over the potential downward trend taking shape, I say potential downward trend as the normal sources that show trends are conflicting with one another to support their individual needs for the market followers they serve.

January 19, 2016

Washington–The National Retail Federation wasn’t far off when it estimated in October that holiday sales for the 2015 season would increase 4 percent–the organization revealed Friday sales actually climbed 3 percent year-over-year, to a total of $626.14 billion.

The NRF said December retail sales (excluding automobiles, gas stations and restaurants) fell 0.2 percent seasonally adjusted from November, yet increased 3 percent unadjusted when compared with the same period 2014.

“Make no mistake about it, this was a tough holiday season for the industry,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Weather, inventory challenges, advances in consumer technology and the deep discounts that started earlier in the season and that have carried into January presented stiff headwinds as retailers competed with one another and their own bottom line.” READ MORE…

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