Jewelry designer breaths life into antiques

A growing trend in the jewelry design world is to re-purpose antique pieces of stone and other materials into new beautiful jewelry. One Chinese designer is getting recognition for her use of gold, silver, jade and porcelain in her new designs. But this trend is not just in the Chinese markets it is happening around the world, many designers are beginning with antique stones and other materials to create new innovative jewelry design concepts. These pieces coming forth infuses the new with the old and offers a new way to look at jewelry design in general.

Start looking at the old to find your new design inspirations and concepts, there are innumerable antiques out there that need a new life pumped into them. This is a spectacular means of paying tribute to the work of the craftsmen of the past and making their works available to be used long into the future. This is not to say that antique inspired jewelry designs can have modern design concepts and trends built in, but just the opposite.

New design inspirations can be found in unusual places like o;d military buttons that can be re-purposed into pendants and charm bracelets. Antique cut crystal that has been broken can be reground and incorporated into necklaces of sparkle. Just use you imagination and try something new, you just may be surprised what can come of whimsical design ideas.

By Tong Wangyue | January 17, 2016, Sunday
antiquejewelrydesignIN many ways, the jewelry of designer Zhang Lijun’s is emblematic of her native Suzhou. It’s modern and elegant and strives to combine the old with the new. Her passion for traditional Chinese culture and old art objects as well as the picturesque Suzhou Gardens, which she says have helped form her style, are all mirrored in her jewelry design.

Walking the streets of Suzhou, Zhang is always on the lookout for small antiques and, by incorporating them into her designs, she gives them a second life instead of just restoring their old beauty. Her exquisite designs are a perky mix of these rustic elements with metals like gold and silver as well as with more traditional Chinese jewelry elements like jade and porcelain. The combinations come naturally and are spontaneous — Zhang says she follows her feelings and instincts in creating her designs. READ MORE…

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