Jewelry Designers Honored At The 2016 GEM Awards

Jewelry designers have been honored by the GEM Awards at the annual event held in Manhattan. Jewelry designers from the fine jewelry industry consider these awards as the “Academy Awards of Jewelry Design”. These awards are prestigious and an industry high point of the season. Jewelers of America sponsored this event which is in it’s 14th year.

Jewelry designers have many different industry recognition awards throughout the jewelry world. The jewelry design industry is far more reaching than just one event such as the GEM Awards can cover. Many jewelry designers never see their designs in award ceremonies yet they have outstanding deigns and concepts for the jewelry market. It is such an expansive industry and has so many facets from fine jewelry to children’s jewelry no one award ceremony can cover it all.

Aspiring designers sometimes are intimidated by the fact that they don’t feel their designs are up to the standard of the industry. Keep in mind that if your concepts are not for one genre` they will find there place in another area of the jewelry world. Just keep working and refining your designs until you find your niche in the jewelry design community.

2016-gem-awardsThe annual GEM Awards is a gala event that is widely recognized as the “Academy Awards” of the fine jewelry industry. At this year’s 14th annual GEM Awards, which took place on Jan. 8 at Cipriani 42nd St. in Manhattan, some of the top fine jewelry designers and editors in the industry were honored for their achievements in design and innovation.

The Jewelers of America (JA), a national trade association for business in the fine jewelry market, hosts the gala event in order to, “honor the achievements of individuals and companies whose work raises the visibility of fine jewelry and watches.”

According to WWD, this year’s attendees included legendary names in the industry, from David Yurman and Stephen Webster to Pamela Love and Neiman Marcus’ Larry Pelzel. READ MORE…

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