Jewelry designer working on third career

This is an example of how becoming a jewelry designer can happen to and for anyone at anytime in their life. Here is a story of a woman who was a nurse by profession, a stylist and image consultant, and then became a jewelry designer. Our resources here are designed to help such individuals achieve their desires to design jewelry. Even if they have never been involved in the jewelry business in any form ever before.

Once you have the bug to design jewelry that is all you really need, all other resources can be found at the Jewelry Designers Resource Center. A career makeover is often the reason for people come to jewelry designing as a second or even a third career. I started life working on fishing boats in Boston and my uncle was a artist/coppersmith who made amazing concept hand hammered copper sailing ships. This is what inspired me to attend night school at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston‘s night school programs.

Take that next step and begin designing your dreams, don’t let lack of experience or training keep you from trying this satisfying work.

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Kathryn Pfeiffer

KathrynPfieffer1Bold beginnings • “I’m bold, so that’s how I started out,” Pfeiffer said. “You know, there are natural personality types, including the bold and (the people who prefer) the classic styles. So I’ve expanded to include genres for each of the personalities. If someone’s very naturally classic, I know not to bring out the big pieces.” But she said that some people just need a little push to embrace a look-at-me piece. She said that over the years, she’s developed an eye for who she can push a little and who gravitates toward the less dramatic items.

Career makeover • Pfeiffer started out as a stylist and image consultant and had her own business for 19 years. She said that the jewelry business happened gradually. At first, she just had a hard time finding the right pieces for her clients who wanted to wear statement jewelry pieces, so she decided to start making it herself. READ MORE…

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I have been designing military coins and jewelry for nearly 40 years now.