How to begin jewelry designing

wirewrap1dIt is a simple process to begin jewelry designing. All you really need is a picture in your mind of what you want to see in your hand. Anyone can design jewelry if they have the desire to try, although there are many training courses and schools, desire is the most important factor.

Jewelry design is as simple as putting on paper or computer screen what you see in your head, Start with a sketchpad. Try drawing the basic design, vary it in a few ways, to see the possibilities and get the creative juices flowing. Some famous jewelry designers have started out as housewives, and even corporate executives. No formal training is needed to design jewelry, however if you are serious about it you may consider looking at some jewelry design training lessons available online. Many YouTube videos simplify the seemingly complicated process and make you see it is not so difficult. Be daring and never give up trying new things and concepts, ask loads of questions and find free jewelry designer resources online to learn from.

Look at nature in a different way, the patterns of nature make great jewelry designs, the veins on a leaf, the pattern of seeds inside a piece of fruit, the petals of a flower, insects and animals can all give inspiration to a person with a burning desire to design their own jewelry. There is no one way to begin, just get started and read, watch and learn as you go along. There are many ways, materials and techniques that can be used as a means to envision a new jewelry design.

Colored semi precious gemstones can also be a source of ideas and a starting point, just look at everything you see as a potential design concept. Simple household items like string can be the beginning of new hot jewelry design ideas.

Jewelry design and trend setting is not the exclusive world of the professional, many famous designers began as amateurs and found that they had a unique way of looking at the world that appealed to others. There is no wrong way to get started, except not to try. Old, young, male and female all make their mark in the world or jewelry design and there are some many facets to the jewelry industry there is always room for new ideas and input.

I began designing jewelry on an spring morning with a piece of bone from the lamb dinner I had the evening before. I had seen a show about the ancient art of scrimshaw on whale bone. I broke out my little Dremel tool and began to carve away. That first piece became a concept religious cross, family and friend encouraged me by telling me they thought it was a cool design, it all came from my head no sketch, no final design, it just came out of trying to see if I could make something, anything from that little bit of bone. Many folks into hobbies like beading find their way into designing jewelry and look for resources to help them along the learning process.

 Look for resources online to help you learn the terminology, materials and tools you may need. Don’t be intimidated by the volume of things to learn, just work your way through one at a time, some may be of great interest to you others may not. Keep in mind there is not right or wrong way to get started all you need to do is get started. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from people in the industry, try to attend a gem and jewelry show in your area, they are great resources for ideas and supplies to help you learn and expand your knowledge.

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I have been designing military coins and jewelry for nearly 40 years now.