Diamond Sales Light Up Solid Season for Jewelers

The early slowness of sales of seasonal sales turned out to be just a bump in the road. Diamond sales for the holiday season were stronger than expected and up by double digits overall. A few retailers showed minor dips in sales, but overall retail jewelry sales were better across the board. Other stones like Blue Zircon came into play this season as well. They have been gaining popularity and growing desire from the buying public, as well as the growth in sales for Paraiba tourmaline’s which are one of the new trending gems in the fashion industry.

Marketing efforts have paid off however these efforts never end and continue to be a big part of sales efforts for most designers and jewelers. The markets have been somewhat nervous for a time but seem to be resilient and are making an effort to stabilize to some degree. Along with better diamond sale increased interest in colored gems has been seen as a trend for the coming 2016 sales season. Interest in Blue Sapphire and Morganite have been influenced by fashion designers and are expected to continue to see greater sales.

The industry had a few jitters coming into the holiday season, but overall it appears better than expected particularly for diamonds and designer lines. After surveying nearly two dozen jewelers, JCK found that few saw declines, and even those whose sales dropped didn’t have huge falls. But quite a few said sales were flat. Among the trends we found this year:

This was a last-minute nail-biting season, but in the end shoppers came through.  As usual, jewelers griped that the weather hurt sales but this year the problem was good weather, as unseasonably warm temperatures dampened the holiday mood.
Gemstones and silver also did well, although JCK heard less about charm brands than in past years.READ MORE…

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