Sri Lanka: From Mine to Market

Sri Lanka: From Mine to Market Following the GIA travel logs is a great way to learn about the far flung emerging and established gem markets of the world. Sri Lanka is a unique place in the world where many types of gems abound the landscape. The centuries have taught the Sri Lankan gem miner how to take his goods from mine to market with as few steps as possible. In recent years the changes in import export rules for the gemstone industry have helped them expand and bring in large amounts of foreign stones for cutting and processing into jewelry for the world. With the mining, trading, cutting, treatment, […]

The Frontier of China’s Gem and Jewelry Industry

Shenzhen: The Frontier of China’s Gem and Jewelry Industry… It is hard to believe the tremendous changes that have taken Shenzhen from a provincial fishing village to a world class economic and business zone. This has taken more nearly four decades and along the way a thriving gem and jewelry industry has grown and taken real root. Jewelry designs abound throughout the region, gem and jewelry manufacturing have found a long term market there. GIA has taken notice and started keeping the demographics up to date. There are now thousands of jewelry and gem dealers registered and it is expanding still. As one who is into the jewelry industry for […]

12 Jewelry Trends for 2016: 10 Pairs of Studs and Earring Jackets

12 Jewelry Trends for 2016: 10 Pairs of Studs and Earring Jackets… If these earring designs are trending there must be complimenting pendents and necklaces along with them. It is a good thing to watch trends of jewelry design when creating new designs each season. However you can become a trendsetter by varying the design trends with your own twists and concepts. Design concepts and trends should not be driven by fashionistas, but by jewelry designers with vision. This simple rule will help you create more innovative designs based on trending colors or styles at the moment of creation. But classic timeless jewelry designs are always in style and they […]

What It’s Like to Cut the World’s Most Expensive Diamond

What It’s Like to Cut the World’s Most Expensive Diamond? Keeping in mind that it is very rare that a diamond like the Blue Moon diamond comes to auction, it is a noteworthy event to share with the world. Last November 2015 a 12.03ct vivid blue flawless diamond sold for nearly $50 million dollars. Not a lot of players in this market and they all came looking. In the end the rough piece went for approximately $26 million and the scene was set for the cutting to bring out the best price possible. Imagine if cut incorrectly it could have been a worthless rock. Diamonds like this piece are extremely […]

Quick Tests You Can Do to Test for Fake Gemstones

Quick Tests You Can Do to Test for Fake Gemstones There are many fake or simulated gemstones out there and unscrupulous traders will be trying to pass them off to the unsuspecting uneducated consumer. Amateur jewelry designers have fallen victim to these dealers with a lack of ethics. Having full knowledge of who you are buying from and a guarantee of authenticity is important to maintain integrity in the design and sales process. Selling fake or simulated gems is an accepted practice in the jewelry industry as long as disclosed fully in plain language. Buyer beware and due diligence is needed to be observed. Learn about the tricks that are […]

Atlanta police, Crime Stoppers seek man in $16K jewelry theft

Atlanta police, Crime Stoppers seek man in $16K jewelry theft Jewelry safety is always an issue I make it a point to point out these incidents to remind everyone there are always those who would take advantage of people in the jewelry industry. Please pass this issue on to your circle of contacts. Jewelry designers and jewelers are always a target for thieves and scammers. Vigilance and constant reminders help keep this threat in check. Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 Atlanta police and Crime Stoppers on Tuesday asked for the public’s help identifying a man who allegedly stole more than $16,000 worth of jewelry during the Scott Antique Market show at […]

Diamond Cut: Anatomy of a Round Brilliant

Diamond Cut: Anatomy of a Round Brilliant A perfectly cut diamond is hard to achieve but should always be something strive for. This is a good article on the Brilliant Cut Diamond the Gemological Institute of America the worlds authority on diamonds has offered this for the public. It is well written so that anyone can understand what goes into a cut diamond and apply this knowledge to purchasing gems for your jewelry designs. The more one reads and researches the better choices and be made and it will show in your jewelry designs. The cut of a gemstone is very important to the presentation of the gem in jewelry. […]

Jewelry Designer Kara Ross Is Redefining Diamonds

Jewelry Designer Kara Ross Is Redefining Diamonds in a Truly Empowering Way Diamonds can be for girls to buy for to buy for themselves, this is the belief of New York Jewelry Designer Kara Ross and I agree, her designs are wonderful and should be worn by any woman who desires. Gemstones like diamonds are timeless to this day, but times are changing on the acceptance and desire of women to buy diamond designs for themselves. I feel that white diamonds are too limited when there are so many beautiful colored gems and colored diamonds on the gem markets to be ignored and not put in new concept jewelry designs. […]

7 Trends to Watch in 2016

7 Trends to Watch in 2016 Trends come and go but if your designing jewelry for fun and profit you should at least follow trending designs and add your own twist to them. Of course it is still alright to be totally original in design but following trends in gemstones and metals used in current trends will help you to increase your sales. Also following the fashion trends for clothing can give you an edge over other jewelry designers. Finding jewelry designer resources that offer this information will give you an advantage over designers who do not. Keep your eye on what colored gems are becoming popular and incorporate them […]

Holiday Sales Climbed 3 Percent in 2015

Holiday Sales Climbed 3 Percent in 2015 Sales during the 2015 holiday sales season rose results would encourage me to do more research into what effect this has had on t in 2015 according to the national retailers federation, yet there are conflicting results with the U.S. Commerce Department which registered a 0.02 percent decrease in overall sales. These conflicting results would cause me to be skeptical of them and do a bit more research into how the jewelry retail sector weathered the season. Many folks that I connect with feel that the holiday jewelry season was a wash or losing proposition compared to a year ago. Their margins were […]