Choosing a Gemstone Price and Prejudice

Many factors and prejudices come into play when choosing a gemstone for a jewelry design. The 4 C’s are always a factor but some other factors are at in the mix as well. Popular fashion trends can have a great affect on what color gemstones are losing or gaining popularity as accents to fashion. Many gems have funny names and this alone can make it sell less, some designers come up with new fancy sounding names for gems to make the sound more exotic and appealing to the retail customer. As always trends in color change and return to the classics over and over with some variations. There are many factors to consider when buying a new gem for hardness and fracture resistance should always be considered especially for rings and bracelets because of possible impact damage. Colors like brown have been slow to catch on but occasionally a spectacular brown diamond will appear with a name like cognac and it sells and makes a stir.

Price and Prejudice

fancysapphireFor Jane Austen, matrimony was as much a financial transaction as an emotional one, with everyone trying to get the best possible bargain. Buying a gem is also the beginning of a life-long relationship and the price you pay is part of the deal. Understandably, you don’t want to pay too much.

So how can you tell if you are paying the right price?

First of all, don’t ask how much you should pay for a one-carat ruby. A one carat ruby can be worth ten dollars or it can be worth $10,000. Quality makes the difference. Fortunately you can see differences in quality if you look at a lot of rubies side-by-side. Better color costs more, a lot more. Better clarity costs more. Better cut may cost a little more but it is worth it! The bigger the stone, the more it is per carat. Within each variety, prices are based on these four Cs, with color as the most important factor. There is a more detailed explanation in the judging quality section. READ MORE…

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