12 Jewelry Trends for 2016

Each year predictions of new trends in jewelry design emerge, although not always accurate they do offer good insight into the markets up and coming trends in colors and design. The fashion industry does influence the color and design trends in both gemstones and jewelry.  Vintage designs are making a comeback in some jewelry markets, they are also influence modern design variations of classic designs from the past. This recycling of design concepts is bringing new designers into the jewelry business.

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 Top trending gemstones in the 2015 market were the perennial Blue Sapphire but is was edged out by Morganite in a pressurizing rise to fame, also included where Opal, and Tourmaline. Diamonds as always are in the favorites but colored stones have surged forth in recent years. The fashion industry has affected this positive trend to subtle colors like in Morganite, as well as the brilliance of the Sapphires they use as accents to their designs. The types of jewelry styles that have trends is varied as well, some of the favorites have been chokers, Asymmetric stone settings on rings and new very black Rhodium designs with white stones.

New interest in Eco friendly and ethically mines gemstones is another factor in driving recent jewelry trends. Fancier gem cuts are showing up with new and old designers. Special cut gems have a new popularity coming along in this past few months.

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