Understanding everything about Blue Zircon gemstones

Among one of the most misunderstood gems is the zircon because the general public confuses it with the synthetic stone called Cubic Zirconia (CZ). Zircon is a natural valuable gemstone that comes in a variety of shades and colors, stretching from colorless to Bright blues, brilliant reds, greens and yellows all find their way to jewelry designers. Places that produce gem quality Zircons are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), and the Ural Mountains. Common Brown Zircons can be heat treated to create clear colorless and blue zircons for the gem and jewelry markets. Some colorless stones are used as diamond substitutes, blue, yellow and green zircon gems show up in many high quality jewelry designs. Although not popular in some markets these stones are very collectible and worth taking the time to learn about so you can make an informed purchase of a high quality gem for your designs or collection.

Blue – Zircon in Jewellery

Blue-ZirconZircons are especially unique due to how they grow when forming into a crystal. They have an attractive fire to them that works well when creating gemstones for jewellery. You can purchase these gemstones loose or crafted into jewellery both.

We recently spoke to Patricia Brady at Gemsncoins and asked her what she thought of the Blue Zircons they offer to buyers from all around the world.

“Wholesale Blue Zircons are rare due to the growth of the crystal, which grows in a twinning shape. Rather like two pyramids linked together at the base. In order to cut these beautiful shapes, the rough gems have to be a fine quality. These Cambodian Blue Zircons have the trademark double refractiveness of zircons, which is even seen on the product images we offer. Double refraction is when the light enters through the pavilion, hits the facets and splits into two rays. Then these rays of light bounce back hitting your eyes with double the sparkle of other gemstones, even diamonds. That’s the secret of these Blue Zircons. Their extra sparkle making them look like blue diamonds at a fraction of the cost, as a much more rarer gemstone than diamonds” READ MORE…

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