Top Gems of 2015

The Fashion and Jewellery industries are linked at the hip one is dependent on the other in an equal symbiosis of trends in color texture as they evolve. This past year has seen four gems stand out in the fashion designing world. They come in varied vivid colors which compliment and contrast the latest fashion designs as accents in jewellery. Some are surprising new names that have come into their own as accepted and recommended by designers. Sapphire is a surprisingly durable gemstone seen in fashion design circles and jewelry shows around the world. A surprising top performer in Morganite as it surged in sales in 2015 from industry sources, it did not out perform the near perennial blue sapphire. But was the most advanced contender for attention in the design and fashion world this year according to a number of retail and wholesale jewelers.

sapphire1bFashion and design trends also can help bring a gemstone back in vogue as popular shades and hues trickle down to the fine jewelry market, and it’s interesting once a new year gets going to notice what’s popping up again and again, whether that be loose or in finished jewelry.

I love watching to see which gems I notice throughout the year are really having their time in the spotlight and how market trends pull certain stones and shades to the forefront. After a year of attending shows, press previews and looking at a lot of new jewelry, here are the gems that I thought were hottest in 2015. READ MORE…

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