NY jewelry store’s diamonds weren’t stolen

In a weird twist the suspected stolen diamonds at J. Birnbach Inc in New York city were never stolen, An employee threw them out during a move from one office to another… A security guard found them in the trash and sold some to another jeweler in the same building, This mistake emphasizes the need of taking time to check all the things thrown into the trash in the jewelry and gemstone industry. This would have been a $5 million dollar loss for Birnbach and cause a great deal of anxiety for a long time to come. Since I have personally had a similar experience although not for the same value, I had in the past accidentally thrown a few pieces of jewelry away in a move I was making some years back. Gem and Jewelry safety are as important to the designer as it is to the jeweler.

NyDiamondsThrownAwayThe mystery of how nearly $5 million in diamonds went missing from a Midtown jewelry store has been solved.

As it turns out, some dimwitted workers at J. Birnbach Inc. were helping their boss move to another floor and tossed three weathered wooden boxes filled with diamonds in a heap of trash without bothering to look inside, law-enforcement sources said.

But a building security guard patrolling the third floor allegedly did take a peek — and discovered the mother lode: READ MORE…

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