Check Out This Amazing Way to ‘Mount’ Your Jewelry

Packaging and presentation of fine jewelry is always a challenge for odd shapes and sizes. But new solutions are coming forward recently like silicone film technology to make a even the skeptics sit up and take notice. It employees a simple film of tear resistant silicone to sandwich your jewelry design in and make it appear as if floating in mid air. This is a very innovative way to make use of technology and keep it fresh and complimentary to your jewelry. The presentation of this new style is amazing it puts emphasis on the jewelry or gem and fits many needs for classic and odd shapes of jewelry design.


by Frank Stankus

New silicone film packaging

It’s not often that we get excited about something new in packaging. But this time we did. Here is a way to display and package your jewelry that is sure to wow even the most jaded customer. It makes it appear almost as if your jewelry is floating in the air! You know, of course, that it isn’t, but the presentation is so striking that you have to say to yourself that this has to be the next best thing. You can see the jewelry extremely clearly from all around without getting fingerprints on it, and the silicone conforms very nicely to the contours of the piece. It’s not the same as shrink wrapping because the silicone just hugs the piece tightly — it is not drawn into every nook and cranny like shrink wrap. READ MORE…

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