A simple wax carver becomes rocking jewelry star

Many people who design their own jewelry also carve the wax models for the production of the design. In some cases these designers have fame in two fields, a great wax carver is always in high demand. Paul Robilotti is one wax carver whose designs are very popular with rock stars, movie stars and presidents. Imagine having clientele so diverse after your jewelry designs. Mr Robilotti has done wax carvings for customers like De Beers, and Peter Max and more. His successes in both fields is somewhat unusual yet it demonstrates that no one should limit themselves. And jewelry designers who are not able to carve their own wax designs need a man like who understands both the design and wax portions of the industry.


IPaul Robilottif you were asked what Keith Richards, Ronald Reagan and Whoppie Goldberg could possibly have in common, you’d probably come up empty.
The fact is, they all have a piece of Paul Robilotti jewelry, either chosen for them by someone close to them who knows their taste or picked out by themselves. That goes to show you the range of his appeal and only hints at the level of quality in his work.

You can learn more about Paul and his jewelry designs at his website, reached here.

What many of his fans are not aware of — and the point of this page — is that he has also been a prolific and highly-sought-after modelmaker and wax carver for nearly 30 years. He has worked behind-the-scenes for many of New York City’s most accomplished design houses on Madison Ave, Seventh Ave. and in the 47th St. Diamond District. READ MORE…

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I have been designing military coins and jewelry for nearly 40 years now.