Vintage-inspired engagement ring trend

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Vintage inspired rose gold engagement ring

Vintage inspired rose gold engagement ring

No two brides are the same, so why should all engagement rings look alike? Brides looking for a unique engagement ring that represents their personality will love this engagement ring trend that’s all about vintage inspiration and ornate, custom designs.

More brides are choosing colored metals like yellow and rose gold for their settings and bands. Bespoke and ornate details like open work, halo settings and unique custom designs set these engagement rings apart. Engagment rings with vintage and art deco appeal have a classic elegance, and the custom nature of the piece allows the wearer to show off her personality.

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring and are looking to incorporate a vintage or custom design, visit your local Jewelers of America jeweler for more information. A bench jeweler can work with you to find the perfect setting or bring your custom idea to life! READ MORE…

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