How Rihanna’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Built an Empire

Some designers never intended to be one. This article documents one highly successful jewelry designer’s road to the top. Jacquie Aiche began her designing career as a hobbyist and never considered that she might have a lifetimes work ahead of her for her much sought after designs. Over the years her designs took on a life of their own and eventually she returned to her design work full time, starting in her garage. She is now an “A”  list designer in the celebrity world of Hollywood with clients like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. So when you think that you can’t become a designer keep her lovely story in mind. She went from a hobbyist housewife to a top designer in the Hollywood world of fashion. This woman’s designs are becoming more and more popular with the celebrity crowd. Now not everyone becomes a famous Hollywood creator of fine jewelry, But anyone who is persistent and works to challenge themselves can have a satisfying experience in the jewelry industry.

 Rihanna isn’t hurting for big designer names in her wardrobe, but when it comes to her jewelry collection, one name reigns supreme among them all: Jacquie Aiche. (The pop star’s so obsessed with Aiche’s designs that she even partnered with the designer on a line of jewelry-inspired body art earlier this year.)

But RiRi is far from the only celebrity client Aiche counts as a fervent follower; Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo loves her work, as do Diane Kruger, Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, and countless other stylish ladies. But like many of the career success stories we’ve chronicled here on Who What Wear, Aiche wasn’t always such a household name in the celebrity style world. READ MORE…

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