Thailand’s gemstone manufacturers look to China for growth

There have been many big changes in the Thai gem markets in the last decade. At one time the majority of the worlds commercial colored gemstones where processed in Thailand, but since the economic turmoil of the early part of this century the cutting business is forever changed. It has become leaner but more competitive in the recent past. A new rising star in innovation is entering the Chinese market  exhibited by companies like Gemburi Co. Ltd. I had a personal experience with this company in September 2015 when i was attending the bi annual Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show. I found Gemburi to be offering quality stones at competitive prices with a good variety of colored stones. The experience was very positive overall and I would do business with them again, The blue sapphires I purchased became a very nice pair of dangling earrings in 14k white gold with 10pt white diamond accents.


By Olivia Quiniquini

Gemburi Co Ltd’s booth at the 55th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

Gemburi Co Ltd’s booth at the 55th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

Gemstones are a star performer in Thailand’s industry repertoire, with the country building a formidable reputation over the years as a reputable producer of coloured stones. Last year, it exported $917.18 million worth of gemstones, an increase of 21.16 percent over 2013’s $757.02 million. And while the country is particularly famed for its expertise in corundum, its manufacturers have exhibited equal prowess with other coloured stones.

This year, Thailand’s gemstone dealers are banking on China’s voracious appetite for gemstones to keep coffers full. Companies interviewed at the 55th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair in the Thai capital from February 24 to 28 and the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show from March 2 to 6 reaffirmed that China would play an important role in their business strategies this year, despite acknowledging a slowdown in the market since late 2014. READ MORE…

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