Aussie supplier lands Star Wars jewellery deal

This is sure to be a big deal in the making, to get a deal for a Star Wars themed jewelry line is a big deal for Disney Couture. The movie memorabilia market is enormous and with the brand Star Wars it will definitely be a huge opportunity to show the world there goods. This type of marketing can be very lucrative and expensive to gear up for the production and distribution. Many other movies market jewelry as part of the their strategy to saturate the demographic customer they wish to target. This is a win win situation for the jewelry supplier and the movie production team.

Posted December 08, 2015 | By Stephanie Chan • Journalist

Michael Tran Disney Couture managing director

Michael Tran Disney Couture managing director

Local jewellery supplier Disney Couture has announced the launch of a new Star Wars-themed collection, leveraging the hype surrounding the release of the popular film franchise’s latest installment.

The Star Wars Disney Couture collection comprises a range of unisex jewellery, watches and accessories incorporating Star Wars motifs and messages. The line includes iOS and Android-compatible smartwatches and ‘smart’ bracelets, as well as dog tag-style necklaces, leather bracelets and cufflinks containing USB drives.

According to Disney Couture managing director Michael Tran, The Walt Disney Company approached the supplier earlier this year about developing the new jewellery range.

“It was instantly agreed that this would be a fantastic opportunity for Disney Couture,” Tran said, adding that the range would be treated as a stand-alone collection as opposed to incorporated within its existing Disney-themed offering. READ MORE…

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