Safe Jewelry Shipping Advice from Jeweler’s Mutual

Jewelers Resource Bureau

Golden-south-sea-pearls-01With shipping losses currently affecting several Jewelers Mutual policyholders-with recent claims attributed to address errors, lack of communication between shipper and recipient and improper packaging–the organization has issued important precautionary measures.

1. Place merchandise in a medium-sized cardboard box and seal with tape. Label this box with your return address (using non-jewelry-related words) and the tracking number. This will serve as identification if the outside container or mailing label is destroyed in transit.

2. Place this box in a strong, oversized shipping box (i.e., 12 inches by 12 inches by four inches). If possible, use a packaging box from a delivery service. If you do not have a box from a delivery service, disguise your shipment in a sturdy box from a different product. Never use an envelope or a box marked with any jewelry-related words. Also avoid using old boxes that lose strength.

3. To prevent the inner box from rattling, tape or glue it to the shipping box. Fill the remainder of the shipping box with packing material to help protect it during transit. Do not use jewelry catalogs or ads.

4. Seal the shipping box with reinforced mailing tape, pressure-sensitive shipping tape, tamper-evident tape or stamp over the tape so that any tampering is evident. Do not use string, masking tape or cellophane tape to seal the box.

5. Confirm and double-check the correct address.

6. Address the package clearly. Do not indicate that the package is coming from or going to a jewelry-related business. Use a name that does not contain jewelry terms and do not use abbreviations that could be misunderstood. Change the name regularly. Disguise the return address in a similar fashion. Use the name of a business associate (with their permission), such as your accountant or attorney, who is at a different location, not in a jewelry district or with a prominent jewelry zip code. READ MORE…


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