Chrysalis targets new jewellery category

Children’s jewellery is a growing market with designers and producers alike. The possibilities within this niche market are expansive and exciting. The ever changing environment of children’s jewellery design is dynamic and challenging. But when a children’s design or style catches on with the children hold on because rocketing sales booms and busts are coming. Because just like all other jewellery customers they are fickle and sometimes have short attention spans. This means that the child market is extremely challenging and wrought with pitfalls. But if you get in for the long run and stay abreast with the trends then it can be a very successful market for those with the vision needed.

Posted November 30, 2015 | By Stephanie Chan | Journalist

ChrysalisJewelleryCategoryThe local distributor for Chrysalis has announced the launch date of the UK jewellery brand’s first children’s collection, which could open up a new market for Australian retailers.

Chrysalis, which specialises in stackable charm bangles, will launch the new range of children’s jewellery known as the Wishes collection next year.

Designed by Willow Maine, the eight-year-old daughter of Chrysalis’ two co-founders, David and Andrea Maine, it was said to have been inspired by “Willow’s favourite things”.

The new line features 12 colourful enamelled bangles and necklaces that target a younger demographic by incorporating childhood motifs, such as cupcakes, princesses, mermaids and ice cream.

The in-store marketing material also features children’s themes; for example, one of the jewellery displays offered is shaped like a teddy bear. READ MORE…

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