Jewelers Resource Bureau

JRBsmallJewelry Designers Resource Center is proud to announce it’s newly formed affiliation with The Jewelers Resource Bureau. Which is a tremendous resource for jewelers and jewelry designers for jewelry trade shows and designer-friendly craft fairs, associations for designers, events for designers, design competitions and industry trade publications. All in a single spot help for marketing solutions, packaging solutions, jewelry tools and so much more. Take advantage of the short and long term sources and the latest in industry trends.

Subscribing instantly guarantees immediate members area access to everything you’ll need to t grow o help grow your business.  Get access to  the How-To Library with many dozens of articles on operating your business, from concept of your design to pricing it to sell. The library is constantly growing because in a changing market, recent conditions can call for innovation. Over thirty years in jewelry journalism experience at your fingertips.

About Rob

I have been designing military coins and jewelry for nearly 40 years now.