50 Tips To Prevent Jewelry Store Robberies or Minimize the Damage Should They Occur

Great information on staying safe in the jewelry industry. Read and learn, even if you think you are safe read it anyway there may be that one tip that saves your life and merchandise one day. JCK Magazine is an industry authority, they offer a tremendous resource to anyone with interest in gems and jewelry.

Encountering an armed robber is one of the scariest things a jeweler can experience, but experts say there are certain ­measures you can take to prevent a robbery, or to minimize the damage should one take place, as well as advice you should ­follow during and after an encounter that will help keep you safe. These tips come from the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, insurance ­professionals, retailers, and other industry experts.


1. Vary your route to and from the store and keep an eye on your rearview mirror to make sure you’re not being followed.

2. Don’t open or close the store alone. While one employee locks or unlocks the door, a second employee should watch from a safe distance that still gives a good view of the door. The second person also should have a mobile phone to call the police if the coworker is confronted.

3. Observe the surroundings of the store when you arrive. If a person or car is loitering by the building, or if doors or windows appear open or tampered with, stay out of sight and call police. Learn More…

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