Diamond recycling is a growing industry, also called re purposed diamonds, they are basically a cut and polished gem that has been used in jewelry then recovered and remounted for commercial sale. With the decline of control of the diamond market by DeBeers. Recycling of these precious gems is growing, another factor is the price of diamonds has been rising of late. The market for re purposed diamonds is estimated by some to be almost $1 trillion dollars and growing. One of the big players in diamond recycling is WP Diamonds in the United Kingdom. One of the main factors in this markets growth is the cost of extracting fresh diamonds from the earth is increasing.

Diamond recycling has been happening more often lately, but what does it actually mean? As a mined diamond will last forever why not introduce it back into the market? This is exactly what diamond recycling is. Recycling a diamond is becoming more popular as it can drive down the overall cost of the jewellery item. The diamond has already been cut, polished and ready for setting. Read More


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