Gemstone industry in Nigeria

In recent times the hap hazard approach to gemstone sourcing in Nigeria has began to organized and mechanized mining is now beginning to take hold and the market is responding well to this change. Nigeria has become a major gemstone supplier in the past few decades. Now with the markets opening up to this source of colored gem industry is getting government support and organizing assistance. Tourmaline, Spessartite, Rubellite, Mambilla Sapphire, and even Emerald are all finding their way into the jewelry markets in Thailand for processing  and manufacturing.

Godfrey Uche Nwadique“Gemstone exports from Nigeria have always been somewhat poorly organized, and mainly of rough stones. Recently, however, there has been an attempt to improve mining capacity, to make exporting less cumbersome and transparent, and to encourage value addition for the country’s rough gemstones. These are the steps that a World Bank-assisted project has proposed.” Read More

The gemstones coming out of Nigeria are of high quality and are examples of how an emerging market can make real contributions to the worlds gemstone industry. We are looking forward to seeing more from this relatively new contributor to the worlds gemstone and jewelry industry…

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