12 Jewelry Trends for 2016

12 Jewelry Trends for 2016 Each year predictions of new trends in jewelry design emerge, although not always accurate they do offer good insight into the markets up and coming trends in colors and design. The fashion industry does influence the color and design trends in both gemstones and jewelry.  Vintage designs are making a comeback in some jewelry markets, they are also influence modern design variations of classic designs from the past. This recycling of design concepts is bringing new designers into the jewelry business. Welcome to another year of jewelry predictions! This post marks the fifth year for our list of buying guidelines based on red carpet jewelry […]

Gemstone Buying Price and Prejudice

Choosing a Gemstone Price and Prejudice Many factors and prejudices come into play when choosing a gemstone for a jewelry design. The 4 C’s are always a factor but some other factors are at in the mix as well. Popular fashion trends can have a great affect on what color gemstones are losing or gaining popularity as accents to fashion. Many gems have funny names and this alone can make it sell less, some designers come up with new fancy sounding names for gems to make the sound more exotic and appealing to the retail customer. As always trends in color change and return to the classics over and over […]

Understanding everything about Blue Zircon Gemstones

Understanding everything about Blue Zircon gemstones Among one of the most misunderstood gems is the zircon because the general public confuses it with the synthetic stone called Cubic Zirconia (CZ). Zircon is a natural valuable gemstone that comes in a variety of shades and colors, stretching from colorless to Bright blues, brilliant reds, greens and yellows all find their way to jewelry designers. Places that produce gem quality Zircons are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), and the Ural Mountains. Common Brown Zircons can be heat treated to create clear colorless and blue zircons for the gem and jewelry markets. Some colorless stones are used as diamond substitutes, blue, yellow […]

Top Gems of 2015

Top Gems of 2015 The Fashion and Jewellery industries are linked at the hip one is dependent on the other in an equal symbiosis of trends in color texture as they evolve. This past year has seen four gems stand out in the fashion designing world. They come in varied vivid colors which compliment and contrast the latest fashion designs as accents in jewellery. Some are surprising new names that have come into their own as accepted and recommended by designers. Sapphire is a surprisingly durable gemstone seen in fashion design circles and jewelry shows around the world. A surprising top performer in Morganite as it surged in sales in […]

Smithsonian Gets its First Piece of Citrine Jewelry

Smithsonian Gets its First Piece of Citrine Jewelry Citrine has made it into the National Gem Collection at the Smithsonian in Washington DC, with a 177ct pear shaped Citrine with a tapering necklace chain of cushion cut matching stones mounted in 18k yellow gold. Citrine has long been sought for use in jewelry. But occasional exception stones combined with a very talented jewelry designer a piece special piece comes forth. This particular gem combined with a incredible designer have reach a new pinnacle by being the first Citrine design ever display at the museum. Although Citrine is in the Quartz class of semi precious gems, most citrine of gem quality […]

Gemfields Ruby Auction Nets $29 Million

Gemfields Ruby Auction Nets $29 Million A recent sale in Singapore has resulted in a total of $29 million dollars in sales of rough ruby. This is a great result from Gemfields, both medium and high end rough stones were offered and large volumes of small stones as well including medium priced goods. The goods came from the Montepuez mine in Mozambique which has produced over 17 million carats so far. The auction offered heated and untreated goods that will boost the sales industry for ruby. The output of this mine has slowed but is still a significant source and will help the jewelry industry in a big way. Ruby […]

The world jewellery confederation

The world jewellery confederation The World Jewellery Federation is an outstanding resource for jewellery designers and jewellers alike, it is both authoritative and informative. They are self described as the United Nations of the jewellery industry established in 1926 it represents the jewellery , gemstone and precious metals industries along with individuals and organizations in these industries, from mine to market. They have developed a code of ethics that is designed to protect the consumer who is dependent on the expertise and integrity of their suppliers. CIBJO has developed a Blue Book system to advance the goal of universal standards and terminology in the jewellery industry. In 2004 they were […]

Gem and Jewelry Market Trends

Gem and Jewelry Market Trends New trends in the colored gem markets have exciting prospects, colored diamonds and other colored gemstones are growing in interest by fashion and jewelry designers worldwide. With prospects looking good overall there are a few areas of concern that will need to be watched closely. Such as the Thailand supply market being in danger of loosing its status with the United States because of its growing economic market in the world. This could force many suppliers to move to such places as Cambodia. The pressure of a prolonged economic slowdown is also having a lasting effect on the gemstone supply markets. Competition from Sri Lanka […]

Contemporary jeweller Romilly Saumarez Smith

Contemporary jeweller Romilly Saumarez Smith The recycling of ancient art pieces into jewelry is taking hold in Newfoundland, Canada. The art and designs of jeweler Romilly Saumarez Smith is proving to be both inspirational and innovative. The more than 70 new designs exhibited at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts of re-purposed Roman and Anglo-Saxon metalwork have sparked interest and acclaim in the design world. Although one does not usually think of Newfoundland as a hub of innovation in jewelry designing. At least one jeweler is proving that the remote location is not a hindrance at all. The jewelry pieces are unusual and eye catching as well, making a statement […]

New Madagascar Aquamarine Discovery

New Madagascar Aquamarine Discovery When newly sourced Aquamarine shows up at a show it is news, collectors were excited to see 5 kilos of high quality unheated show up in Tucson. These are fine quality goods coming from Madagascar few inclusions and no green or gray stones that would require heat treatment. Cut in emerald and cushion shapes for the most part collectors could pick them for the best colors. Unheated Aquamarine is rare and color this nice is as well, the prices are reasonable and interest was high. A hardness of 7.5 is very suitable for jewelry designs a beautiful color and cut with sizes 5-10cts. These particular pieces […]