National Jeweler has an article about the second largest rough diamond ever unearthed, a 222 gram or 1,111ct spectacular rough diamond was discovered in Botswana recently. This particular mine has also recently found three other diamonds over 300 carats. Rough gems this large are extremely rare and to have this many found in a single year is very big news. The Karowe mine is located in Botswana at the AK6 kimberlite pipe. Congratulations are in order here for such a spectacular discovery of mother natures finest creations

1111ctdiamondLucara President and CEO William Lamb said the 1,111-carat diamond workers found Monday at the company’s Karowe Mine is “slightly smaller than a tennis ball.” This picture provided by Lucara shows how big the diamond is when compared to a loupe.The diamond, which measures 65 mm x 56 mm x 40 mm, is too large to fit in any of the rough evaluation machines Lucara has on-site in Botswana and likely will be sent to Antwerp for further evaluation. Read More…


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