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4ctJade14kGoldResources for the latest jewelry news are very good places to find jewelry design trends and changes in the jewellery markets. See the sources below that we have used over the years.

National Jeweler is one resource where one can find the very latest in Jewelry news, the stories below are just an example of what a good source of information the National Jeweler is to the jewelry industry. Take a few moments to review the article and the website you may find more information about jewelry design than you knew was available. The companies mentioned below are also valuable resources for jewelry design inspirations and ideas.

By Hannah Connorton
October 30, 2015

The big story of the week was the news that the GIA has invalidated grading reports for 1,042 diamonds after discovering two now-former employees of TCS, the contractor that supports its grading information database, had gained unauthorized access to the database and altered the reports.

Tiffany & Co. also made headlines, first announcing it was partnering with another retailer to create a capsule collection inspired by designs in the brand’s Blue Book from the 1970s.

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